Hotels near Lomie G Heard Elementary School

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Nearby Places
Nellis Baptist Church (0.3 miles)
Mary and Zel Lowman Elementary School (0.5 miles)
J E Manch Elementary School (0.6 miles)
Department of the Air Force Surgeon General (0.6 miles)
Nellis Air Force Base (0.8 miles)
Community College of Southern Nevada Nellis Air Force Base Center (0.8 miles)
Nellis Air Force Base Branch Post Office (0.9 miles)
Mike O Callaghan Federal Medical Center (1.0 miles)
Las Vegas Radio Range Station (1.3 miles)
Nellis Meadows Park (1.3 miles)
Community Outreach Medical Center (1.4 miles)
Nellis Air Force Base (1.5 miles)
Alexander Villas Park (1.5 miles)
Gwendolyn Wooley Elementary School (1.5 miles)
Sunrise Vista Golf Course (1.6 miles)
Samoan Congregational Christian Church (1.7 miles)
Sunrise Manor (1.8 miles)
Florence McClure Women's Correctional Center (1.8 miles)
Clyde C Cox Elementary School (2.0 miles)
Interchange 50 (2.0 miles)
Summit View Correctional Center (2.1 miles)
Martin Luther King Jr Elementary School (2.2 miles)
Gods Plan Christian Fellowship Church (2.2 miles)
Walnut-Cecile Community Center (2.2 miles)
Sunrise Post Office (2.2 miles)
Cheyenne Plaza Shopping Center (2.3 miles)
Sunrise Park (2.3 miles)
KLUC-AM (North Las Vegas) (2.4 miles)
Coleman Senior Center (2.4 miles)
Interchange 48 (2.4 miles)
Sunrise Pool (2.4 miles)
Fountain of Life Fellowship Church (2.5 miles)
Saint Michaels Antiochian Orthodox Church (2.5 miles)
Myrtle Tate Elementary School (2.5 miles)
Pecos Plaza (2.6 miles)
Ann Lynch Elementary School (2.7 miles)
Genesis II Christian Center (2.8 miles)
Templo la Hermosa (2.8 miles)
Sandy Searles Miller Elementary School (2.8 miles)